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Video: Education in America Today with Louisiana Superintendent John White

Ahead of his on-Grounds conversation with the Curry School community, Louisiana State Superintendent John White discusses the state of American education with Curry School Dean Bob Pianta.


Joanna Lee Williams

UVA-Led National Report Finds the Promise of Adolescence is Largely Untapped

The report finds that adolescence is a time of major brain development for humans, offering opportunities that are as yet untapped.


UVA Researchers Play Key Role in Two States’ Efforts to Expand Quality Early Childhood Education

Virginia and Louisiana landed nearly $18M in federal grants to enhance their early childhood education initiatives. Curry School researchers are a critical part of both projects.


Nine UVA Scholars Ranked in 2019 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings

Nine members of the UVA faculty have been named to the Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings, which recognizes the 200 faculty members at U.S. universities who "contribute most substantially to public debates about education."


Education Leaders, Policymakers, Researchers Gather To Discuss Teacher Retention in Virginia

Education leaders, policymakers and academic researchers gathered at the University of Virginia for a summit to discuss teacher retention in Virginia.


Q&A: Castleman Seeks to Nudge First-Generation Students Over the Finish Line

Ben Castleman gained attention with a text-message-based approach to encouraging first-generation students to enroll in college. He’s now seeking to help them finish degrees.


Virginia Legislature Expands UVA’s Kindergarten Readiness Program Statewide

With funding from the General Assembly, the commonwealth will require all school divisions to implement a suite of kindergarten readiness assessments developed by Curry School researchers.


UVA SURP Intern Discusses the Contagious Work Ethic at Curry & How It’s Changing Him

Jose Olais, a 2018 SURP intern, talks about why he chose the Curry School and what skills he’s learning for graduate school and beyond.


Professor Robert Berry Promotes Equity in Mathematics in New Leadership Role

As the new president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, UVA professor Robert Q. Berry is asking tough questions about the future of teaching math – all in the pursuit of greater access, equity and joy in mathematics.


Cornell and Bradshaw Join Coalition Issuing Call to Action to Prevent Gun Violence

Growing coalition of national education organizations sign onto eight-point violence prevention plan.


Dewey Cornell: Will the next shooting be in Virginia?

In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Dewey Cornell, a forensic clinical psychologist, Bunker Professor of Education and director of the UVA Youth Violence Project, shares how Virginia is working to prevent school violence. This column was originally published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on February 17, 2018.


Brain Food: Exploring the Connections Between Nutrition and Learning

UVA researchers are examining from several angles the links between what kids eat and their performance in the classroom.


Q&A: Alumna Reflects on Key Research Skills Gained at Curry

Educational Psychology alumna Angie Henneberger discusses her experience in the VEST program, and how she used it as a springboard for her career in research.