Speech-Language Pathology Student: Perception is Subjective

Drawing life advice from her education in speech-language pathology, Curry School student Madeline Seymour shared her insights in a column for the Cavalier Daily.

Photo credit: Cavalier Daily

"Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about psycholinguistics.

As a speech pathology student, I have learned a great deal about psycholinguistics. Not only is there an entire three-credit class dedicated to the subject matter, courtesy of the Curry School, but my curriculum is also speckled with bouts of this information — everything from how to find the fundamental frequencies of our voices to the places of articulation for each consonant in our language. 

I know this like the back of my hand and even though it’s ingrained in my very core, I keep learning it. To a speech pathologist, psycholinguistics is that ex-boyfriend that won’t take the hint and keeps coming back for more of our attention — regardless of how many times we’ve “been there and done that.”

Either way, I made the most of it. I started to challenge myself with this material. I started to apply and relate this information to the bigger picture — as would any speech-pathologist-in-training. This made everything far more interesting. ..."

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