Video: Tips for Students on How to Get Involved at the Curry School

As we settle into a new school year, student affairs staff share details on upcoming events plus four tips for how students, online or on-Grounds, can stay connected throughout the semester.

In the first installment of this year's live video series, Online Student Support Specialist Bernadette Poerio and Director of Student Affairs Jessica Livingston discuss upcoming September events and advice for Curry School students, online or on-Grounds, on how to get involved. This semester, events and opportunities will be planned around monthly themes: Settling in September, Opportunities in October, Know Yourself November, and Decompress December.

"Especially this year, we want to be intentional with the programming and different events that we offer," said Poerio. "We're working on these events to make sure students are comfortable and are aware of all the resources available to them."

Watch the full conversation and read their top tips below.

Connect with EdCouncil

EdCouncil represents the Curry School student body by providing a voice to the administration, faculty, and the general public. Their mission is to improve the experience of Curry students through initiatives that enrich the intellectual, social, and cultural aspects of their lives. Check out their website for new student resources, or contact leadership for other ways to get involved.

Get to Know Your Library Resources

For academic and research guidance, your Curry librarian Ashley Hosbach is available. She holds regular office hours and can help with locating journal articles, finding test instruments, writing literature reviews, becoming proficient in APA citation style, making the most of RefWorks software, navigating copyright, selecting an appropriate journal in which to publish, and more.

Check out the Curry Virtual Community

Located in Canvas, the Curry Virtual Community is available to all Curry School students and hosts a wealth of resources, discussions, and virtual events.

Follow the Curry School on Social Media

To keep up with ongoing events and opportunities throughout the year, check your student email, the Curry School website, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.