Patricia A. Jennings

Associate Professor

  • Ph.D. University of California Davis, 2004
  • M.Ed. Saint Mary's College, 1980
  • B.A. Antioch College, 1977

I study the social and emotional dynamics of educational settings and apply this understanding to develop and test interventions designed to enhance teachers' capacity to cultivate supportive relationships with their students and provide a supportive and engaging social and emotional context for academic learning. I also develop and test curricula and interventions for pre-K and elementary level children with a focus on social and emotional learning. I conduct basic research to better understand these relationships and evaluative, efficacy, effectiveness, and dissemination research to determine whether intervention efforts are effective and sustainable in educational settings. I am particularly focused on applying recent findings on mindfulness-based approaches to reducing teacher and student stress and improving teaching and learning environments. I apply this research to improving pre-service teacher education at the pre-K and elementary levels.

Mindfulness for Teachers
Patricia Jennings book, Mindfulness for Teachers, was published by by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. in February 2015.

Contemplation at Curry