Policy in Virginia

This site is dedicated to work happening at UVA that is related to Policy in Virginia

  • Commonwealth Summit on Teacher Retention

    We will be presenting preliminary findings from an ongoing analysis of teacher retention at the October 23rd summit to be held at the University of Virginia. The research project examines teacher retention and mobility between school year 2006-06 and 2017-18 leveraging data provided by the Virginia Department of Education. Our analysis is informed by the rich literature in teacher retention which we summarize here. The October 23rd presentation with be available here after the summit. 

    Summit Website
    Policy Brief
    Summit Presentation
  • Virginia Working Conditions and School Climate Surveys

    In partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, we are administering the inaugural Virginia Working Conditions Survey to licensed teachers and staff in all Virginia public schools as well as a revamped Virginia School Climate Survey to elementary and high school students. The surveys will be administered between January and March 2019. We will analyze the survey responses to (1) assess the surveys’ psychometric properties, (2) characterize the extent to which perceptions of working conditions and school climate vary across schools within the Commonwealth, and (3) examine the relationships between school climate and student educational outcomes.

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  • Virginia's Teacher Salaries

    Public school teachers in Virginia, like nearly all public school teachers in the country, are paid according to a standard salary schedule. In this EdPolicyWorks report, researchers analyze the Commonwealth of Virginia’s 2017-18 Teacher Salary Schedules.

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  • Finishing the Last Lap

    The Nudges to the Finish Line (N2FL) intervention is a low-cost, randomized intervention to increase completion among students who have earned substantial credits but remain at risk of dropout. This brief describes the pilot year of N2FL at nine broad-access, public higher education institutions in Virginia and other locations across the country.

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  • Student Mobility in Virginia

    Stability and churn are two measures of mobility; stability is defined as the total number of students continuously enrolled at a school, whereas churn is the total number of times students enter or exit a school. In this EdPolicyWorks report, researchers examine the stability and churn rates for Virginia statewide, Richmond, and Norfolk.

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  • Chronic Absenteeism

    Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or more of a school year or at least 18 days of the standard 180-day year. In this EdPolicyWorks report, researchers examine three Challenged School Divisions in VA, Norfolk, Petersburg and Richmond, with data obtained through the Virginia Longitudinal Data System.

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