Request for Drop Or Withdrawal of Course

Off-grounds students, please use this form if you wish to drop or withdraw from a course in the Curry School of Education. In most cases, you should be able to self-drop from courses in the Student Information System at Please try to drop yourself before filling out this form, as the form is not needed if you self-drop. You should also be aware of the current off-Grounds drop/withdrawal policies, which can be found here. On-Grounds student drop/withdraw deadlines are governed by the University's academic calendar, which can be found at

If you have questions about the policy or how it applies to you, please email the Admissions Office at

Student Information
Course Information
Drop Information
Please fill in the relevant information about your reason for dropping the course above and your participation in the course. For “portion of course elapsed”: if your course did not meet in-person before your drop request (was hybrid or web-based), please put the number of days elapsed since the course began. If the course met in-person before your drop request, please put the number of times the class met (whether you attended or not).