Rick Little Talk

Rick Little, keynoted the Youth-Nex working conference dinner on April 2, 2012.

During 35 years of work, he has envisioned and established numerous initiatives that promote economic opportunity, job creation and positive youth development operating in more than 100 countries. His work focuses on building practical and sustainable solutions to large-scale challenges by galvanizing relationships among social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and investors from various disciplines. Together they are finding new and better ways of doing business — approaches providing opportunities and incentives that foster respect and human dignity.

He is also founder of the International Youth Foundation, was the founding president and member of the founding board of America’s Promise — the organization that emerged from the historic President’s Summit for America’s Future convened and chaired by General Colin Powell gathering together all living US Presidents in common support of America’s children and youth.

Through the writings of noted developmental scientist Dr. Richard Lerner (including: Concepts and Theories of Human Development; The Good Teen; and America’s Youth in Crisis), many of Rick Little’s theories and approaches to fostering positive youth development are now taught in dozens of universities.