Courses Offering Credit for Participation in DITL Tutoring

Work in school classrooms, after-school programs, and community agencies to provide classroom and homework assistance through the following Curry courses.

EDIS 2010: Teaching as a Profession

Designed as a pre-requisite course for applying to the Five-Year (BA/MT) Teacher Education Program. In this survey of American education, students examine education history, philosophy in action in schools, student diversity, curriculum, effective teaching, school organization & governance, education finance, education law, sociopolitical dimensions of education, & the role of the teacher as a professional. Co-requisite EDIS 2880.

EDIS 2880: Field Experience (Teaching as a Profession)

This initial lab experience is a co-requisite class with EDIS 2010 and is a mandatory pre-requisite to applying to the 5-year (BA/MT) Teacher Education Program. Experiences are provided for students to observe children in either a community or school context and to develop an understanding of essential evidence-based practices for effective teaching. Co-requisite: EDIS 2010.

EDHS 1100: Introduction to Youth and Social Innovation

This course introduces students to major theories of youth development and examines the application of their tenets to the design and implementation of social innovations in youth programming. Using a theory of change model as the foundation, students will learn how to think critically about key issues facing youth today and relevant social science research on social innovation strategies designed to impact them.

EDHS 2895: Minding the Mind: Engaging Youth in Learning

Learning is how we create knowledge of our world. This course overviews prominent theories of learning and affords the opportunity to deepen this knowledge through tutoring youth in school. The course covers methods of analyzing learning tasks, understanding the role of memory in learning, cultural and individual variations among learners, and principles for reinforcing and engaging learners. Class content mirrors activities with tutees.

EDHS 2995: Change the World: Fdns of Community Engagement

In whatever work you're engaged with, how can you make a meaningful contribution to the world? We'll learn about engaging with youth and their communities and about our roles in those relationships and interactions. We'll explore the importance of culture, reflect on our own practice in the Day in the Life community service learning program, examine the ethics of engagement, and learn about others who have sought to change the world.

EDHS 3200: Introduction to Counseling Student Athletes

What does it mean to be a student athlete? What roles can race, gender, and class play in the student athlete experience? This course is for any undergraduate student interested in analyzing the complexities of the lived experiences of elite student athletes through a counseling lens.

EDLF 3240: Multicultural Education

Examines the social-political forces that shape the US as a multicultural society. Also, explores the issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and disability in society and education.