Summer Enrichment Program Application Process

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The application for 2020 will be available on December 17, 2019 and is DUE by MIDNIGHT ON FEBRUARY 20, 2020 (an extension from the 16th). We highly recommend that you apply online. Once the 2020 Application goes live on December 20, 2019, please read all instructions carefully before you begin.

NOTE: Links open in the same window. Use your back arrow button to return to this screen after opening each link.


If anyone in your family attended SEP in recent years or applied to the Saturday 2020 program, then you have a Family Account. Simply log in to your existing account, change any information that is new (new phone number or address?) and begin a new Summer application.

If you have not established a Family Account before, please follow the instructions below:

Create Family Account

Establish your user id (primary email address) and password. Please provide an email address which we can use to communicate with the parent or guardian of the child or children who will be applying to SEP. Please do not use the email address of the student who is applyingEstablish a password. Please make a note of this password, and the primary email address you submitted so that you will be able to access this account later. After you have created the Family Account, you will have the opportunity to add one or more children to this account.

Family Demographics

Add the parents/guardians' names and address to the next screen. You will only need to type this information once. As you add children to your account, you will not have to retype any demographic information. You will be able to edit demographic information at any time, if you move or change email addresses or phone numbers.

Add One or More Children

Add one child at a time, with their name, nickname if they have one, their date of birth, and gender. Indicate whether the child’s primary home address is with Parent 1 and/or Parent 2 (this is important if the parents do not reside in the same household.)

Family Home

This page will list the children you have added to your account, and you can continue to add children from this page by clicking “Add Child.” When the child’s name has been added, click on the program that the child is applying to. We have two programs: Saturday and Summer. Chose Summer, and you’ll be taken to the “Summer Student Home” page.

Summer Student Home

Here you will see four icons:

  1. The Application
  2. The Teacher Recommendation
  3. The Writing Prompt
  4. The Application Fee payment link


Click to open the Application. It will ask:

  • The name of the child’s school and whether it is a public or private school, or homeschool.
  • The grade the child is in CURRENTLY. Once you have selected your child's current grade level, the course titles for that level will appear on the page.
  • Choose which Session the child would like to attend, or rank 2 or more Sessions if they are flexible about which Session they wish to attend. Choose “cannot attend” for any Session the child absolutely cannot attend.
  • Choose courses the child would like to take. You will see the titles of all courses offered at this child’s grade level. Click on the title to read a description of that class. You should assign each class a priority level (choice 1, choice 2, etc.) We try to place each child in their first or second choice of class. However, if certain courses are very popular, or if we have to cancel a course for any reason, we may offer them admission to a class that is not their first or second choice. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer.
  • Three Interesting Things: these should be written by the student (parents: please don't write these) - these 'interesting things' are not judged, but help the counselors and teachers to get to know your child before they arrive in the summer. Please review them for appropriateness, but otherwise let the applicant decide what three things to tell us.
  • Test Score: each applicant should enter a recent standardized academic achievement or ability test, including, but not limited to, ERB, CogAT, Terra Nova, OLSAT, and SAT/PSAT. The Virginia SOL is accepted but not preferred. If you can't find a copy of these score, you should request them from the guidance department at your school.  If the applicant has not taken any standardized tests, please enter N/A - a lack of standardized test scores will not prevent an applicant's admission to SEP.
  • When you have completed the application, press SAVE. Do not worry if you need to change the choices for class or session. You will be able to make changes to the session or class choices after you have submitted the final version up to the middle of March. After that time, we are happy to make those changes for you if you call us.

Teacher Recommendation

We recommend requesting the Teacher Recommendation as early as possible. Teachers are very busy and need plenty of time to respond to these requests. It is a good idea to speak to the teacher before you request the recommendation, verify their correct/preferred email address, and ask if they are willing to provide the recommendation. REQUEST ONLY ONE TEACHER RECOMMENDATION. Type the teacher’s name and their email address into the blanks provided. Once you hit submit, the form will go directly to the teacher's email account. Once they fill it out and "submit" , the recommendation will come back to us and link with your child's application.This recommendation can be received at any time by us, even before your child has completed his/her application. Sometimes the email that is sent to the teacher containing the request for recommendation will be routed to the spam/junk folder. Please ask your teacher to check their Inbox and their spam folder to locate the request.

Writing Prompt

Each applicant must respond to the writing prompt that is set for their grade level. Please make sure your child is looking at the correct writing prompt for their grade.  While most applicants respond to the prompt in writing, applicants can submit a response in alternative forms.  Note: while it is appropriate that the student discuss the prompts with parents, guardians, and/or teachers before they work on them, it is also expected that the completed work be their own. It is difficult to judge applications fairly unless we can be sure that every submission is the work of the applicant. We expect that the responses will be age-appropriate. We do not expect the same level of work from someone applying to the Junior camp as we expect from an applicant to the Senior camp. UVa operates on an Honor Code that we hold very dear, and which Code governs SEP, too. Please, help your child to learn what that means by allowing them to submit their own authentic work. When complete, save the response in a separate document. Upload and attach the document. Acceptable file types are: txt, doc, PDF, ppt, and pptx files. ***Note: if your response to the Writing Prompt is an audio or video file, you will need to save it at You Tube or SoundCloud, etc, first, then simply include a link to that file on a Word document, which you then upload as your prompt. Don't forget to set the privacy settings at a level that allows us to view your file. If you experience any difficulties uploading or attaching the document, you can call 434-924-3182 for technical assistance.

Download Rising Grades 5-8 Writing Prompt

Download Rising Grades 9-11 Writing Prompt

Application Fee

In order for your child’s application to be considered, you must pay a NON REFUNDABLE $40 application fee for each child. Click on the Pay Application Fee icon, and you will be taken to the Family Payment Overview screen, listing the charges for each of your children.  Application fees are non-refundable even if your child ultimately decides s/he will not attend.

Financial Aid

Every summer SEP awards approximately $30,000 in financial aid to families who request it based on submission of a completed Financial Aid Form and the relative need of all those applying. The 2020 Financial Aid Form will be available December 20, 2019. You must include copies of W2 forms for all parents (including divorced parents) when submitting the financial aid form.

Application for aid does not affect your chances for admission.


All elements of your application must be received on or before February 20, 2020 at midnight.  This includes the application fee. Check back on the Summer Student Home page for each child to see that we have received the three required elements for a completed application. There will be a message box next to each item indicating that we have received or not received that item. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us at any point during this process with questions or concerns. While SEP will accept late applications, late applicants will initially be placed on the waitlist.