Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

To maintain the safest environment possible for our clients and our faculty and staff, we are making the following adjustments to our service offerings. Please read the direction from our team below.

For current clients using our Clinical Psychology Services:  

  • Clinical Psychology services at SJC will continue to operate for existing clients but will switch to clinical video technology (telehealth).  If you are an existing client, your clinician will be in touch with you regarding the process for switching to clinical video technology.

For those interested in establishing psychological treatment:

  • Please call our front desk and ask to be placed on our waitlist.  In order to continue serving our community at this time we are shifting to online treatment via clinical video technology.  If you are placed on our waitlist, someone from our clinic will be in touch with you within a week to discuss options for starting treatment.

For those interested in scheduling new psychological/educational diagnostic assessments:

  • We are not currently able to accept new clients but hope to have the capacity soon.  Please call our front desk after April 15 to inquire about new telehealth or in-person assessment options, if you are still interested at that point.

For current clients using our Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Services:  

  • Your therapist will contact you to discuss continuation of services via a telehealth platform. 

Clients scheduled for upcoming ASD assessments:

  • Initial intake interviews will be held via telehealth online instead of in-person at the clinic. A clinician will contact you to confirm scheduling and discuss the use of telehealth. For clients who have already  completed an intake interview and are scheduled to continue ASD testing - It is not yet possible to conduct ASD testing via telehealth, and testing appointments will therefore be postponed until an in-person appointment can be safely held. You will be contacted about scheduling.

Speech Summer Camps:  

  • Our SPLISH and SPLASH programming are still accepting applications and are still scheduled to be held. However, we will provide an update on April 5th regarding the timing of camps whether or not changes in scheduling are required.

For current clients of our Speech-Language Pathology Services:

  • We are currently not seeing clients in our office. Existing clients will be seen via Telehealth as determined collaboratively by clinicians, clients and caregivers. Your therapist will contact you to discuss the continuation of services via a telehealth platform. This might include existing direct services but also might include new services as well, such as virtual parent training or consultative services.

For those interested in establishing Speech-Language Pathology Services:

  • New clients are welcome to call at any time to make an appointment for dates after April 5th,  at which time we will also provide updates.

For current clients using our Audiology Services:

  • We will be postponing any non-emergent care until after April 5, 2020. If you have not already been contacted to reschedule, please expect a call within the next few days.  If you are having an issue with your current hearing aid(s) please call the clinic and we will determine the best course of action, including a potential appointment to address the issue.

McGuffey Summer Reading Program and Camps:

  • We are currently taking registration forms for both our summer reading program and our summer reading camps. Moving forward, please do not submit deposits with new registrations. We will be checking in with registered families periodically over the coming weeks as new information becomes available regarding UVA's operational status during this time.

Reading Assessments:

  • If you are interested in our diagnostic assessment appointments, please call to get on our waiting list. We will call to schedule as soon as we begin seeing 'in-person' clients again. As of right now, our testing services are suspended and will be reassessed on April 5th.

After School Reading Instruction:

  • We will be temporarily suspending our in-person reading tutoring, and will reassess on April 5th. A clinician will be calling you to discuss. A transition to on-line live tutoring is in preparation with a TBD start date.