Summer Enrichment Program Course Descriptions 2020 Grades 5-6

Solar Circuits – Solar Homes

Have you ever wanted a disco ball in your bedroom or a colorful porch light? In this course, you will apply the basics of circuitry to light up LED bulbs, turn them on and off, and even design an electrical plan for your very own home. Using the power of PV solar panels and some planning, you’ll be able to design and build your very own solar home. Additionally, you will not only explore the power of solar energy, but will also research where in the world solar energy is used and where it might become more popular one day. Students will grapple with questions such as:  Should the United States expand current solar energy usage? What is the ideal energy portfolio for a country? Finally, we will discuss the future of PV cells and dream up the next technological advances that will emerge just around the corner. Come build your future home and light up the world around you!


Journeying Europe

Have you ever wondered what histories and myths exist behind the stories you learn in history class? Look no further than to the quest we'll take together in this course! From battlefields to bakeries, secret tunnels and monuments, you'll be able to choose your own adventure with stories ranging from the Renaissance to the present. You will be masters of your own adventure as we travel through Europe, directing the journey along the way. Pack your bags for adventure!


Inventions and Imagination

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” - Thomas Edison.  How does a roller coaster work? How do planes fly? How are running shoes made? In this course, you will invent and innovate through creating light bulbs, developing new games, and constructing items from recyclable materials. We will research the history and process of inventions and delve into the fascinating world of investigation and inquiry. Through explorations of scientific principles such as force, movement, and heat, we will begin to understand how things work. We will select special topics, investigate our findings, create new ideas, and present our research at our own 

Financing Your Future

Have you ever wondered about investments, money management, or personal finance? How do people save the money to buy houses, cars, or private jets? How could it be possible that people stop working and continue to live a normal life during retirement? In this course, we will simulate a financial life from your first job as a teenager to a plan for your retirement. Along the way, you will learn about the effects, both intentional and unexpected, of major-life decisions like choosing a career, purchasing insurance, or setting aside money for retirement. How are financial choices made? What factors should you consider? In this course, we will pack an incredible 50 years of life into nine days as we employ critical-thinking skills to learn how the financial decisions we make early in life impact important aspects of life down the road.