What are our recent EP-ADS Master's alumni doing now?

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Millie Alspaugh recently started Summit Behavior Therapy health agency to provide individualized, data-driven therapy to children and adults with autism in Virginia Beach. She studied Communication at Virginia Tech and worked in a school setting with students with autism prior to attending the M.Ed. program.  While studying at Curry, she was able to broaden her understanding of educational psychology.  She selected elective courses related to special education and an internship experience that allowed her to learn from the expertise of the director of The Faison School for autism in Richmond. This experience helped to shape her future career goals. 

Holland Banse is a doctoral student in the EP-ADS program at Curry. Previously, she received an A.B. in Psychology from Georgetown University before teaching preschool for two years at a public charter school in Washington, DC. She now works with Dr. Natalia Palacios, focusing specifically on mathematics learning for English Language Learner students. She originally began this work with Dr. Palacios during the master’s program.

Jordan Buckrop is currently continuing her graduate work as a doctoral student in Curry's Reading Education program. She was an elementary general and special education teacher in North Carolina prior to beginning the master's program.  As a master's student, she combined both research experiences and coursework to study the quality of children's classroom experiences and the impacts of these experiences on their future educational trajectories.  

Leah Cole is a middle school English teacher at Peabody School in Charlottesville. Prior to completing her M.Ed. at The University of Virginia, she earned a B.S. in Elementary/Special Education at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and taught in a variety of educational settings for seven years.  While pursuing her M.Ed., Leah worked with Dr. Chris Hulleman and Ph.D. student Jeff Kosovich to study student motivation in community college contexts.  She also contributed to a program evaluation of City Schoolyard Garden under the direction of Dr. Eileen Merritt.  While completing her M.Ed., she worked as a tutor for America Reads and AVID.

Kelly Flynn is the mentor program coordinator at Computers4Kids, a nonprofit organization that strives to improve low-income youth’s computer & learning skills through caring mentorship, structured training, a vibrant learning environment, and access to a computer at home.  She strengthened her interests in non-profit settings and youth programs while working with the local Boys and Girls Club and Young Women's Leaders Program as a graduate student. Kelly received her B.A. from the University of Virginia in Psychology. 

Karl Humble is a health coach at Healthways in Seattle, Washington. Karl worked as a research assistant on the Move to Health initiative in Charlottesville while he was in graduate school. Prior to attending graduate school, he worked as a residential instructor and basketball coach at a school in Virginia. He also taught English in Germany through the Fulbright program.

Haley Johnson is currently working as a Research Specialist for Curry’s Youth-Nex. Prior to the master’s program, she received her BA in English from the University of Illinois. While in the master’s program she worked with on the Peer Interaction Project with Amanda Kibler and the Youth Adult Relationship project with Nancy Deutsch and Valerie F. Ehrlich. As a research specialist, she continues to bolster her research skills learned in the program.

Amy Keegan is currently an upper elementary co-teacher at a public charter Montessori school in Denver. While in the EP-ADS master's program at UVa, she conducted and analyzed qualitative research on the middle school Environmental Service Learning Project with Eileen Merritt and worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Sara Rimm-Kaufman's Childhood Learning and Development course for pre-service teachers. Her interests center around motivation and children's mindsets, specifically in mathematics. She is pursuing advanced study at the Montessori Institute of Atlanta each summer through August 2016 to receive her AMI diploma. 

Morgan Mullen is currently working as a data collector for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her research focuses on assessing the efficacy of programs that strive to improve student behavior, school climate, and promote cultural awareness in middle schools. Morgan received her B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Cognitive Science at the University of Virginia prior to enrolling in the EP-ADS program at Curry. As a master's student, she worked with Dr. LoCasale-Crouch on multiple projects that focused on enhancing teacher professional development in order to support young children's development. 

Alyssa Parr is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Before she came to the EP-ADS program at Curry, she received a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from Lake Forest College. Through her studies as well as her experience teaching English in Spain while studying abroad, she realized her passion for education and helping students be the best they can be. While completing her M.Ed., Alyssa worked with Dr. Palacios on a mixed-methods research project looking at mother-child interactions among Latino families with children entering kindergarten to learn more about their language development.

Mai Pham is working in administration at the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia. Mai is an alumnus of VCU's School of the Arts with a background in Fine Arts and received her M.Ed. in EP-ADS at UVA's Curry School of Education with a focus on mentorship and leadership. During her time at UVA, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) with Joanna Williams and as a Casscells Fellow for YWLP with Melissa Levy at the Women’s Center.

Melissa Stalega is currently working at the University of Massachusetts in Boston as a Project Coordinator for a new preschool motor program: Children in Action: Motor Program for PreschoolerS (CHAMPPS). As a Project Coordinator, she oversees all aspects of the project including creation and development of the new motor program, co-facilitating leadership team meetings. As a graduate student, she worked under the advisory of Bridget Hamre on research projects such as the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Project and Effective Classroom Interactions, an online professional development course for pre-k teachers.

Michelle Yoder is a doctoral student in Curry’s Clinical and School Psychology program. In her current program, she works with Dr. Amanda Williford in the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), collaborating on projects pertaining to early childhood social-emotional development, intervention initiatives for preschool teacher-child relationships, and kindergarten entry readiness assessment. Prior to studying EP-ADS, she received her B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish from Messiah College. While pursuing her M.Ed., Michelle worked alongside Dr. Natalia Palacios and studied sibling influence on English language learners’ linguistic and social-emotional development prior to school entry.

Ep-ADS Group photo